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French Rooster Hanging Pot Rack

French Rooster Hanging Pot Rack

Product Code: 236

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Dress up your kitchen with this chic French Coq-au-Vin Pot Rack. This Pot Rack comes in handy and adds a great style to the kitchen for anyone that loves to cook or likes to look like they do. The Rooster Pot Rack mounts to the ceiling by two chains and spreads into four to keep the rack steady. There are six hooks metal hooks strong enough to hold your favorite kitchen cookware spaced evenly on the rack. The Rooster Pot Rack also has a built in grid across the top to give ample storage. Finished in an antique brown faux, the Rooster Pot Rack displays great design with beautiful metal scroll work. Your kitchen will come to life when you hang the Rooster Pot Rack in it. The Pot Rack measures approximately 20"h x 24.25"w x 18".
Name:French Rooster Hanging Pot Rack
Product Code:236
Approximate Measurements:20"h x 24.25"w x 18"
Material:Wrought Iron
Weight:10.5 lb
Color:Dark Brown
Indoor/Outdoor Recommended:Indoor

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