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Bath Accessories

The trend in bathroom decor today seems to be leaning more toward a natural feel. Finishes being used are more stone, more marble, more granite. Tubs and showers are being done in marble and slate instead of the pre-made showers and cultured marble. Waterfall effects are being put into effect and earthy colors are sweeping across the magazines of the latest and greatest. One other area that is changing tunes is the bathroom fixtures. It used to be brass, and then we went silver to brushed nickel, to now where I see black and browns everywhere I turn. Our Meredith Bath Accessory collection is right on target with today’s most sought after look. Wrought iron has always been a more natural look, rugged in color, yet elegant with its curves and design. Wrought iron is one material that has a constant balance between a feminine and masculine expression. Wrought iron sends out a warm and welcoming charm and at a reasonable cost unlike some other type of finishes you may come across. So to bring a balance and harmony to your room and also throw in a little of today’s hottest bath trends, add a few wrought iron accessories to your bath.