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Parquet Colored Wall Panels

Parquet Colored Wall Panels

Product Code: DSIMX888
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Name:Parquet Colored Wall Panels
Product Code:DSIMX888
Approximate Measurements:40"h x 8x3/4"w x 1 1/4"d
Material:100% Metal Iron
Weight:2 lb
Color:Multi Colored
Indoor/Outdoor Recommended:Indoor
Hanging MaterialsIncludes a keyhole hanger on back
Extra product information:There is no better way to add a splash of color to any space then with the Parquet wall panels. These beautiful panels come as a distinct set of 3. Each is handcrafted of pieces of metal and set vertically and horizontally in stripes. Each panel consists of what appears to be 4 ancient scrolls. There is a curve at the top and then vertical or horizontal colored metal pieces and another curved scroll. Then the pattern repeats. From the front this piece appears flat but you can see the detail from the sides. Each showing of variety of colors. This piece actually looks flat in the picture but has a wavy curved dimensional effect not shown in the picture.

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