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Shelf Bracket - Wrought Iron Shelf Bracket - Decorative Shelf Bracket

Enhance the amount of personality in your room with a small change by adding Shelf Brackets. Shelf Brackets, once just thought of as being a support system for shelving or tresses, have been making a huge statement in the past few years. Shelf Brackets are made of many materials: wood, metal, aluminum, and the most popular cast iron, and the designs are also just as plentiful. Wanting to hang a simple shelf? Try using some cast iron shelf brackets like the Galveston to add a bit of timeless style. Shelf Brackets are not just used for shelving support and decor. Bring an old southern charm to your home by hanging brackets in the corners of your porch. Or maybe you have always wished you had curved archways in your home. Try hanging a large curvacious wrought iron bracket in each corner of the walkway and it will be an easy and beautiful transformation into the curved archway look you have always wanted. Shelf Brackets come in many sizes and widths and contain endless uses to add some excitement to your home, inside or out.